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My Approach

Since the time when Freud founded psychoanalysis, it has become well established in its field.


Psychoanalysis is a theory of the human mind, therapy for mental distress, an instrument of research, and a profession. A complex intellectual, medical and sociological phenomenon.

Psychoanalysis privileges the ethics of unconscious desire and the desire of the analyst in the experience of analysis. It, therefore, seeks to involve the individual's singularity in relation to his wish. It is an invitation to leave the morals of customs and ideals of adaptation to reality, to enter another scene, to the logic of the unconscious.


Psychoanalysis is a practice that allows human beings to include in his life his unbearable without transforming him into suffering. Keeps the invitation to risk alive and bet on keeping the wish alive. It is the best treatment for anguish, as it withdraws its paralysing character and turns it into an engine, making it inventing creative and unique responses. This is the treatment of the strange of each person, the treatment with his unconscious “which causes by being talkative to be held accountable for the invention of his unique style to enjoy his body and life” (Forbes, 2010, p. 11). 


"Psychoanalyst is a meaningless giver. Care, making a kind of a hermeneutic hero of the speech community from which it comes. As a psychotherapist, he's the one who reintegrates the subject into the different speeches he's been removed from. It may be necessary, as a therapist, to resume the subject to the speech of the law, the school. They're the different figures from the master's speech who come in opposition to the subject out of sense after the initial impact. That's where the subject can be reconciled with the mess of the world.

Psychoanalysis is based there on the unconscious as a device that produces libidinal sense. This means suspicion of the subject's registration in large anonymous categories and preserving his particular character. [...] It is not, however, unknown about the importance of the bond with the group and may give it its place, for example, by group treatment of traumatized by such an air disaster, such a specific attack, such a war, etc. Recognition of a particular trauma, which is one of each, is a means of producing recognition and then, a sense. This also means keeping away from authoritarian psychotherapies, the mandatory council, of suggestion. Finally, it is about not making this psychoanalysis applied by the servant of chemotherapy. It may be combined, certainly, with a medicated bra for as long as it takes." (Eric Laurent, 2002, The Reverse of theTrauma)


Summarising, different from other professional practices in which identity can be defined by preachers that unite a category, an analyst can only be recognised on the basis of how it supports his unique, enigmatic desire of analyst.

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